Anti-Seize Greases

Anti-Seize Grease


When it comes to protecting bolts, fasteners, pins or any plain bearings from corrosion, anti-seize grease is an essential component of a proper maintenance routine. Not only does it help keep your machinery working smoothly, but it also helps to prevent corrosion as well as makes the disassembly process much easier. 

Here at TYGRIS, we believe that your operation deserves the best of the best. We have a selection of anti-seize lubricants, which include options tailored to a range of applications. If you aren’t sure which of our products is best suited for you, our team offers on-site audits to help identify the best possible grease.

The TYGRIS Copper Anti-Seize Compound is a high-temperature lubricant that offers outstanding metal protection against seizure, rust and corrosion. Both water and acid resistant, this lubricant won’t burn off, extending lubrication intervals and eliminating brake squeal. 

Developed for use on threaded components, pins and valve stems, this compound can be used on a wide range of metals as well as on the backs of brake pads.

Our Aluminium Anti-Seize Compound is a high-quality lubricant developed specifically for use on aluminium fasteners that demand low chlorine, sulphur and fluorine levels and reduce corrosion. Formulated for use in high-temperature environments, this compound is compatible with both plastics and metals.

TYGRS Aquaload SVR is a premium grease, offering a unique blend of corrosion and oxidation inhibitors and anti-wear additives. Perfect for anti-friction and plain bearings, this grease has outstanding shock and vibration absorption.

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