Wire Rope Greases

Keep Your Equipment In Great Condition With Wire Rope Grease

Wire ropes form a vital part of many types of machinery and are an essential component for many industries. There are many different kinds of wire rope, but they all require a certain level of care. Here at TYGRIS, we know how important it is to ensure that your equipment stays in great working order. That’s why we developed a range of wire rope grease, designed to keep your operation running smoothly. 

Our wire rope grease helps to reduce friction between the individual wires while in motion, and also provides corrosion protection and lubrication at the same time. We carefully develop all of our industrial solutions to reduce downtime and maintain productivity. 

If your business is looking for a way to be kinder to the environment, TYGRIS BE-100 Rope Lubricant 00is a brilliant solution. A fully biodegradable grease, this solvent-free wire rope lubricant can handle any application thrown it's way. 

TG7818 is specifically designed to meet the lubrication and corrosion prevention requirements for machinery operating under almost any condition. While a versatile grease, this wire lubricant is most commonly used in dockside cranes and draglines.

The excellent internal and external protection keeps your ropes in great condition from the core to the outer layer of wires and strands. In addition to the longstanding properties of this grease, it’s fortified with molybdenum disulphide to reduce the wear between strands. 

The TYGRIS Wire Rope Grease is the ideal solution for more intense applications, as it’s a semi-fluid lubricant developed by our team to meet the lubrication and corrosion demands of extreme applications. 

The best grease for tough tasks, TG9112 is often used in the marine industry for ship crane ropes, hoists and mobile cranes. The water-resistant film is fantastic for increasing lubrication intervals, and provides further protection against seawater and other weather conditions. 

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