Product Spotlight: Zinc Galvanising Spray

Posted by Emily Lawrence on 17th Mar 2021

Product Spotlight: Zinc Galvanising Spray

Product Spotlight: Zinc Galvanising Spray

When it comes to protecting your metal components from the elements and corrosion, there’s one type of product that gives you all the support you need, without taking a whole lot of effort. Hot galvanising is a fantastic way to safeguard your metal components, but there’s an additional step that makes a huge difference, and can save you some cash in the long run!

Cold zinc galvanising spray offers up an added layer of protection to previously galvanised surfaces. This might seem like a bit much, but it can extend the life of your machinery, pipes, and equipment. Luckily, here at Tygris, our galvanising zinc sprays are designed to be high-quality and offer you unbeatable security.

Our R224 and R239 Galv Sprays are two of the best industrial zinc sprays available (if we do say so ourselves) and in this blog, we’re diving into how they work, and why you should be using zinc sprays in your workplace.

What Zinc Spray Does

It might sound a bit sci-fi, but we promise it’s a lot less complicated than it sounds! Zinc galvanising spray is a blend of zinc and aluminium priming materials that stick to metals and form a strong layer of protection against corrosion and a whole host of other outside factors that can damage metal materials.

There are heaps of different industries that can use a zinc primer to keep their equipment fighting fit. Any industry that uses metal equipment that requires galvanising should use a cold zinc spray as an added protective measure, especially industries that are often in the great outdoors.

A good zinc spray should easily cling to surfaces for a long period of time, and with our R224 and R239 bright galv sprays, you can count on them to stick around. Galvanising sprays are perfect for metals that have been welded and exposed to air, so you can keep them secure and long-lasting.

R224 Bright Galvanising Zinc Spray

Protecting against rust and corrosion is enough of a task without worrying about whether or not it looks presentable. Our R224 zinc coating is brilliant for giving your metalwork a cohesive look while still protecting it from any outside damage.

Getting more into the science, zinc is what’s known as a sacrificial material. While that definitely sounds pretty intense, it just means that it offers some natural protection against corrosion for other types of metal; so it’s a brilliant material for protecting metal components.

Our spray has strong heat resistance to keep your equipment safe in any environment, and if you’re based in the great outdoors and need to keep factors like saltwater and rain away from your expensive machinery our aluminium zinc spray is a cost-effective solution, no matter what the weather throws at you!

As for looks, the R224 spray gives you a look that doesn’t seem out of place. With the added aluminium powder, you have all the benefits of added protection, with a shiny finish that looks great and can easily blend in with surfaces that have already been galvanised.

R239 Heavy Duty Zinc Galvanising Spray

If you need a galvanising spray that really does the job, then the R239 is an incredibly tough cold zinc galvanising spray that can be used on previously galvanised and even bare metal. The zinc properties of this priming spray protect metal similar to the R224 spray, however, the heavy-duty spray makes for a strong primer.

Since you can spray this heavy-duty coating onto bare metal surfaces, you can still cover them with a variety of different types of paint including acrylic, alkyd, PU, and epoxy paints. Of course, you can also use this zinc spray over paints as long as you stick to cellulose and acrylic!

The secret behind the R239 heavy-duty qualities is the high zinc content. The zinc provides unbeatable protection against corrosion as well as weathering; with the R239 spray, you can rest assured you have the maximum corrosion protection for your equipment.

No matter what industry you’re in, we offer a handy twelve-pack purchase option for both the R224 and R239 zinc galvanising sprays to suit you.

No matter which of our cold zinc galvanising sprays you opt for, we offer next day delivery on all of our products ordered before 4 pm, and free delivery all across the UK. With Tygris, you can get to work in no time at all.

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