PROTEAN Chain & Gear 220 - TF71


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PROTEAN Food Area Chain & Gear Oil 220 is a fully synthetic oil with characteristics that make it particularly suitable for ISO 220 lubrication of gearboxes, reduction units, and drive and conveyor chains. It contains special additives that help extend servicing and lubrication intervals considerably as well as boasting high water resistance, adhesive properties, and performance in an extremely wide temperature range.


Halal/Kosher Certified



  • Chains (Drive and Conveyor);
  • Penetrates to the links and pins reducing wear and extending chain life;
  • Adhesive additives ensure no fling, thus providing lasting lubrication;
  • Effective water resistance and corrosion prevention, even where alkali materials are present;
  • Extremely wide temperature range ensures maximum application versatility Gearboxes & Reduction Units;
  • Extremely good oxidation stability which extends lubricant life;
  • Unaffected by water, demulsification ensures total separation of water from oil;
  • Adhesive additives coat gears effectively and provide anti-wear protection at start-up;
  • Synthetic oil with high Viscosity Index ensures reduced viscosity change with temperature increase


Consult the safety data sheet prior to use - suitable Personal Protection Equipment should be worn. For drive and conveyor chains: Apply sparingly by brush or oil can as required. It can also be applied automatically via a central drip-feed system. For gear boxes or reduction units: Ensure that the manufacture’s lubricant rating corresponds to ISO 220 gear oil. For optimum performance, drain gearbox of all previous lubricant. Dispose of waste in line with local and national regulations.


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