TYGRIS Micro Air Duster (Low GWP) - R241


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TYGRIS Micro Air Duster is a non-flammable pressurised air duster spray designed to physically remove dirt, grime and other loosely adhering contaminants when the use of wet chemical products would be unacceptable. Particularly useful on electrical, electronic and office equipment and when accessibility is difficult.



  • Non-flammable;
  • Inert gas for safe use;
  • High pressure discharge for effective dust removal;
  • Immediate evaporation;
  • Safe to use on live electrical equipment;
  • Accurate application using the fixed extension nozzle


Consult the safety data sheet prior to use - suitable Personal Protection Equipment should be worn. Spray directly onto the area requiring cleaning/clearing. Always keep the can upright whilst discharging the product. Use the extention straw provided for removing dust or debris from hard-to reach areas. DO NOT apply near the skin or eyes as the liquefied gas can cause tissue burn. Please note the can may become very cold to the touch when spraying occurs over any extended period of time. If this happens, allow the can to return to a normal state at ambient temperature. This is quite common with all air dusters formulated with low GWP propellant. Dispose of used aerosols in line with local and national regulations.



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