TYGRIS Circuit Freezer Spray (Low GWP) - R240


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TYGRIS Circuit Freezer Spray is a rapid cooling agent used in a number of applications where lowering the temperature quickly is beneficial, including the detection of electronic equipment faults, working on small bore water pipes, and shrink fitting of close-tolerance metal parts. A non-flammable, inert, liquefied gas.



  • Rapidly cools components to freezing point;
  • Detects faults in electronic circuits by reducing the temperature;
  • Use to shrink fit metal parts; Quickly freezes small bore pipes for safe working;
  • Use to freeze gum - toffee - candle wax and other soft deposits;
  • Non-flammable inert gas


Consult the safety data sheet prior to use - suitable Personal Protection Equipment should be worn. Spray onto circuit from about 20cm to visually detect faults and breaks. To freeze pipework, spray onto a small section either side of area to be worked, checking regularly for thawing. For gum deposits, spray for about 5 to 10 seconds and shatter frozen gum with a scraper before removing with a blunt instrument or with the assistance of R255 Ink & Gum Remover. Do not spray onto skin as tissue damage may occur. Dispose of used aerosols in line with local and national regulations.

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