Food Grade


At TYGRIS, we’re always pushing the envelope and revolutionising the industry one new product at a time. PROTEAN, essential nutrition for industry is one of the latest product ranges launched by us, and it’s shaking up the food and beverage processing industry. 

After a year and a half of intense focus and commitment, extensive research and development, end-user engagement and a determination to overcome every challenge and obstacle, we successfully developed an innovative range of food-safe solutions!

The goal of our PROTEAN range is to provide the food and beverage processing industry, as well as smaller kitchens and other cleanroom environments, with innovative solutions that allow your operation to run smoothly without the risk of contamination. 

Our expansive range has been specially developed for a wide variety of applications, even in challenging environments, so you can keep your equipment in excellent condition without any fuss. The PROTEAN range of industrial solutions has everything you need to fulfil your cleaning, lubricating and protection needs.

When it comes to getting a simple application and fantastic results, our food-safe aerosols provide top-notch ease of use as well as high-quality finished products. With a super handy spray formulation, these cans have everything from food-safe grease to food-safe cleaners.

Keeping your environment clean is essential when you’re processing food, and our range of food-safe cleaning products makes it both safe and simple. Our food approved instant degreaser makes light work of killing dirt and grease, and our sugar dissolving fluid gets rid of stubborn sugar deposits. Even if you need to clean tricky areas such as electrics, our electrical cleaner effectively degreases components.

Our range of food-safe grease allows you to keep your components in great condition, including our innovative Submersive Extreme, which can withstand water in processing environments. We even have oils developed specifically for high-temperature ovens.

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