PROTEAN Vacuum Pump Oil 100 - TF6820 - 20 Litre


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Size: 20L
Food Safe: Yes
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PROTEAN Vacuum Pump 100 is an NSF H1 registered, fully synthetic oil designed for the effective lubrication of vacuum pumps commonly used within the Food & Beverage environment and has been specifically developed for arduous applications and formulated with a Narrow Cut Molecular Weight Oil without low viscosity fractions that may evaporate under a High Vacuum. Offering a high degree of chemical stability with proven oxidation resistance, PROTEAN Vacuum Pump 100 oil successfully reduces the formation of sludge and deposits, thus prolonging oil service life, yielding increased pump efficiency and reliability, and maintenance savings.

Halal/Kosher Certified.



  • Low friction coefficient provides excellent lubrication and reduces wear;
  • Effective in arduous applications;
  • Fully synthetic oil provides extremely wide temperature and oxidation stability ensuring greatly extended servicing intervals;
  • Formulated with Narrow Cut Molecular Weight Oil without low viscosity fractions that may evaporate under High Vacuums;
  • High degree of de-emulsification provides greater lubrication efficiency;

Consult the safety data sheet prior to use - suitable Personal Protection Equipment should be worn. PROTEAN Vacuum Pump Oil 100 is suitable for all types of Vacuum Pumps designed to operate in applications where ISO 100 oil viscosity is used. Follow manufacturer’s instructions. For optimum results, it is important to purge the system of the previous oil prior to recharging with PROTEAN Vacuum Pump Oil 100 Dispose of waste in line with local and national regulations.

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