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TYGRIS Carburettor Cleaner is a strong solvent based cleaner used for the removal of oil, grease and stubborn gum deposits from carburettors and injection systems. Suitable also for cleaning brake parts and automatic chokes without dismantling in order to prevent stalling and to smooth out rough idling.



  • Strong solvent for stubborn deposits;
  • Dissolves grease and oil;
  • Helps to restore engine performance;
  • Removes combustion deposits from nail gun mechanisms;
  • Safe for use with catalytic convertors and oxygen sensors


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Consult the safety data sheet prior to use - suitable Personal Protection Equipment should be worn. Spray on cleaner and wipe off dirt with an absorbent cloth. For stubborn deposits, leave solvent a short while to work in, then wipe off. When cleaning carburettors in situ, remove air filter, spray a little cleaner onto external linkages, run engine at half throttle, spray cleaner into air intake until engine starts to stall, then re-fit the air filter. Dispose of used aerosols in line with local and national regulations.
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