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PROTEAN 3H1 Fluid is a high performance non-toxic, clear and odourless 3H/H1 registered multi-purpose oil, suitable for the effective lubrication and protection of bearings, blades, guides and seals where direct food contact is unavoidable. Developed as a 3H release agent, TF3125 prevents food products from adhering to surfaces during processing and also acts as an effective anti-corrosion solution on metal surfaces such as meat hooks, knives and tables.


Halal/Kosher Certified.



  • Safe for incidental contact with food;
  • Ideal for use as both a direct food contact release agent and multi-purpose fluid (ovens and grills, mixers and mincers, slicers and trimmers, baking pans and trays, racks, rollers and other hard surfaces in contact with food products);
  • Non-tainting and clear, offering excellent coverage;
  • Excellent lubrication performance and oxidative stability for extending lubrication intervals and reduced lubricant usage;
  • Improved anti-wear performance helps prolong component life;
  • Good sealing properties protect against unwanted corrosive contaminants


Consult the safety data sheet prior to use - suitable Personal Protection Equipment should be worn. PROTEAN PURE 3H Fluid can be applied manually or via other suitable applicators capable of dispensing an ISO VG 15 oil. To avoid cross contamination, do NOT mix PROTEAN PURE 3H Fluid with any other lubricant. Apply light even coats and repeat when necessary. Dispose of waste in line with local and national regulations.

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