TYGRIS Maintenance Absorbent Roll - Medium (Pack 2)-AM122


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TYGRIS Maintenance absorbent roll is used for quick deployment in the event of oil or water, based spills and as a walkway protector. With dimpling for extra strength and low linting properties this roll is an effective method of keeping work areas clean. Perforated two ways, it can be torn where required for economic usage and to fit around machinery. In the event of a large spill this would be used as an early measure, being rolled out quickly for absorption of large amounts of fluid.



  • Quickly rolled out for rapid response to spills;
  • Melt blown for maximum absorption;
  • Use for catching overspray;
  • Prevents transfer of soiling to clean areas;
  • Absorbs oil or water based spills;


Consult the safety data sheet prior to use - suitable Personal Protection Equipment should be worn. Roll out across a large spill, working in a criss cross fashion for maximum absorption. Use as a walkway protector by rolling out to desired size, tearing off at perforations to fit around obstacles. Dispose of in line with local and national regulations.


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