Aerosols. Brilliant when they work well, but what about when they don't? Oh, the frustration! We have a massive range of aerosols, from spray paints to food-safe grease.

So, if you're unsure how to get the most from your cans, keep scrolling for our tips and tricks on how to use an aerosols spray can. Eliminating this risk is about how you take care of your aerosol throughout the life of the can.

These simple steps take seconds after use and can save you time and the hassle of replacing your product further down the line.

Shake prior to use

Before Use:

The importance of shaking beforehand vigorously is hugely underrated. Especially if the product is thicker or has been in a colder temperature. If you don't shake up your cans, the contents and propellent won't mix, and you can end up with a blocked aerosol can.

If that happens, it's likely to clog up the straw or use up propellant before the rest of your content. Speaking of colder temperatures, the heat from your hands will help loosen the particles. This allows for a much easier user experience, no matter if you're using spray paint or grease.

Spray upsdie down

After Use:

Even more underrated is holding your can upside down and spraying until there is no more content spraying out. This clears the nozzle and the straw, preventing content from settling in small, hard-to-reach areas.

Picking nozzle

Also, we recommend you use a sharp object to clear the nozzle, preventing blockage or the product drying and reducing the efficiency of the spray. It's always worth keeping spare nozzles around just in case you do experience a blockage in this area. Having these on hand avoids having to invest in more products.

remove nozzle

If your aerosol has unfortunately blocked already and won't spray, here are a few top tips we have tried and tested:

  • Hold the can upside down and spray; this should release some of the pressure
  • Take off the nozzle - there may be a build-up of matter here, so remove this with a sharp object like a pin, or it is sometimes worth washing nozzles in water to get rid of the most obvious build-up
  • Continue to shake in between clearing nozzles and straws, this helps with mixing
  • If you are continuing to experience issues, it's probably best to move to the next can and follow the correct procedures.

    How to dispose of aerosol cans

    It’s important to note that you should be disposing of your aerosol cans safely; don't just toss them - as their contents can be dangerous. Empty them completely, then carefully detach the lid and base. Use a dedicated aerosol puncturing tool to pierce the can (avoiding the side seam). Finally, toss them in your metal recycling bin. Here at TYGRIS, we've developed a range of aerosols that make getting the correct application simple! Whether it's cleaning or prepping, we've got you covered. Check out the full range here.

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