This eliminates the need for manual greasing with a grease gun, which can be:


Time-consuming: Stopping equipment for lubrication disrupts workflows and reduces productivity.

Inconsistent: Manual application can lead to over- or under-lubrication, both of which are detrimental to equipment health.

Dangerous: Reaching lubrication points on some machinery can be hazardous for personnel.

Enhanced Safety

Eliminate the risks associated with climbing and reaching for hard-to-access lubrication points with TYGRIS' autogreasers.

Improved Efficiency

TYGRIS' efficient auto grease systems help grease machinery while it's operating, minimising downtime and optimising production schedules.

Optimal Lubrication

TYGRIS' autogreasers deliver precise lubricant doses at regular intervals, ensuring consistent coverage and preventing wear and tear on your valuable equipment.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

TYGRIS's reliable lubrication extends equipment life, minimises bearing replacements, and reduces overall maintenance needs.

Increased Productivity

Experience less downtime and maintain higher equipment availability thanks to TYGRIS' reliable autogreasers.

Extended Equipment Life

Consistent lubrication from TYGRIS systems protects critical components, leading to longer machinery lifespan and higher resale value.

TYGRIS Aquadload SVR

  • Automatic lubrication for safety and efficiency
  • Premium grease with corrosion protection
  • Designed with anti-wear additives
  • Perfect for high-stress, humid environments
  • Reduce manual labour and risk

TYGRIS Ultima 1

  • Food Grade Solution
  • NSF: H1 registered, ideal for cleanrooms
  • Enhanced with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives
  • PTFE reinforced for demanding conditions
  • Versatile for various applications

TYGRIS Electroil Autogreaser

  • Eliminates downtime with on-site refills
  • Precise lubrication regardless of temperature changes
  • 500 ml container ensuring extended lubrication
  • Self-sufficient operation with battery power
  • Track duration and receive detailed status messages

TYGRIS Innoflex

  • Handles oils and greases up to NLGI class 2
  • Supports up to four outlets for multiple lubrication points
  • Ensures consistent lubrication to various components
  • Ideal for upgrades and retrofitting
  • Maintains feed rates in all conditions

What Are Auto Greasers And Why Should You Use Them

Posted by Emily Garrioch | BSPOQ on 7th Mar 2024

What Are Auto Greasers And Why Should You Use Them

In the industrial sector, keeping equipment running smoothly and safely is vital. Downtime because of maintenance can be costly, impacting productivity and profitability. That's where automatic lubrication systems (ALS), also known as autogreasers, come in.

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