How To Use Your Online TYGRIS Account

Posted by Emily Lawrence on 24th Nov 2022

How To Use Your Online TYGRIS Account

How To Make The Most Of Your TYGRIS Account

The Official User Guide

Your Fuss-Free Guide To Easy Account Managment

Your TYGRIS account is a gateway to faster ordering, quick access to your inventory and smoother management of your shopping lists. There are heaps of benefits, but how can you get the most out of them? We’re always here to help, and our easy-to-follow guide has everything you need to navigate your TYGRIS account.


Your dashboard is the hub of all things TYGRIS, where you can access the benefits of your TYGRIS account at a glance. From your orders to your payment methods, you dashboard has everything you need - right at your fingertips.


Create Your Shopping Lists

Old-school paper filing or relying on word of mouth to keep track of your orders is a thing of the past with our shopping list feature. Curate as many custom shopping lists as you like, whether you seperate by need or department. Adding to your list is simple - with the option to add by SKU, product name or CSV file

Buy Your Favourite Products Again

Our industrial solutions are designed to reduce downtime and increase efficiency. When you find the perfect product for your application, having quick access to it is essential. Our buy again feature allows you to filter by date and buy your must-have products again in no time.


You can even filter by date, or search by product name or SKU. Your previously purchased products will show along the bottom of your screen, with the option to add multiple products to your cart at once.


Quick Order Pad

The quick order pad feature does almost exactly what it says on the tin - and makes ordering speedy and effortless. Add your products by SKU, or an CSV file. Then, select your quantity and add to cart. It really is that simple.


If you're ordering more than different products at a time, click "add row" to search more solutions. You can find your quick order pad at the very top of your screen.

Request A Quote

At the top of your browser, you'll see "my quote" which gives you the ability to request quotes quickly and easily. Fill out your company information and shipping address, then add your products and submit. This feature is by far the easiest way to request and recieve quotes, and we've streamlined the process for extra convienience.

Your Quotes

Manage all your quotes from one place, with the ability to filter by number, title, sales rep, last update, and registration date. With this tool, you can see all you quotes in one place, and never lose track of them.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions on how to make the most of your account, TEAM101 is always on hand to help. If you have any other queries, why not pay the TYGRIS Academy a visit?


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