TYGRIS Automatic Lubrication Systems

Posted by Emily | BSPOQ on 20th Jun 2024

TYGRIS Automatic Lubrication Systems

What is an Automatic Lubrication System?

An automatic lubrication system, often referred to as an autogreaser or an automatic greasing system, is a mechanism designed to streamline the process of lubricating machinery in industrial settings.

Unlike manual lubrication, which can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and prone to errors, automatic lubrication systems operate on a predetermined schedule. This ensures that the moving components of the machinery receive the required amount of lubricant precisely when needed.

These systems typically consist of reservoirs, pumps, injectors, and distribution lines, all working seamlessly to deliver lubrication where it's needed most, without requiring manual intervention.

How Do Automatic Greasing Systems Work?

Automatic greasing systems function through a meticulously orchestrated process that guarantees the timely and accurate delivery of lubricants to crucial points within the machinery.


The system operates by storing lubricants in reservoirs, which are then pressurised by a pump to facilitate the consistent flow of lubricant. Controlled by a timer or a controller, the system activates at predefined intervals, prompting the pump to distribute the lubricant through strategically placed injectors and distribution lines to the designated lubrication points.

These injectors, often equipped with sensors, ensure that the lubricant is dispensed in precise quantities, preventing both under and over-lubrication. This targeted approach not only optimises the performance of the machinery but also minimises the risk of excess lubricant build-up, which can lead to contamination and potential operational issues. Through this intricate orchestration of components and precise timing, automatic greasing systems uphold the integrity of the machinery, extending its lifespan and enhancing its overall productivity.




Introducing Our TYGRIS Autogreaser

auto greaser

TYGRIS Aquaload Autogreaser

TYGRIS Aquaload Autogreaser is a premium quality grease containing a unique blend of corrosion and oxidation inhibitors, extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. Ideal for use in all anti-friction and plain bearings subjected to high levels of shock and vibration, heavy loads and humid conditions.



Electrochemical drive
Precise, reliable lubricant delivery
Environmentally friendly product, easy disposal
Can be used outdoors
Can be used in EX areas
Dispensing period 1/3/6/9/12 months (modifiable at any time)


food grade grease

TYGRIS Ultima 1 Autogreaser

TYGRIS Ultima 1 Autogreaser is an NSF: H1 registered multi-purpose grease that is suitable for use in cleanroom environments and industries like food and beverage processing, packaging and pharmaceuticals. This is a fantastic option for a wide range of applications and is enhanced with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. Ultima 1 is also strengthened with PTFE and performs well under demanding conditions including wet environments, high temperatures and high loads.



  • Filled with an NSF: H1 registered multi-purpose grease
  • Easy handling
  • Activation without tools
  • Environmentally friendly product, easy disposal
  • Can be used in EX areas
  • Dispensing period 1/3/6/9/12 months (modifiable at any time)
auto greaser lubrication system

TYGRIS Electroil Autogreaser

TYGRIS Electroil Autogreaser is our newly launched battery powered automatic lubrication system.Designed for optimal performance, the Electroil boasts temperature independence, ensuring precise lubrication regardless of fluctuating temperature conditions. Stay informed with real-time monitoring, allowing you to track remaining duration and receive detailed status messages effortlessly.



  • Seamless on-site refills minimise downtime
  • Precise lubrication unaffected by temperature changes
  • Large 500 ml container ensures extended lubrication periods
  • Battery-powered operation for self-sufficiency
  • Real-time monitoring facilitates easy tracking and detailed status updates


auto lubrication system

TYGRIS Innoflex Autogreaser

TYGRIS Innoflex Autogreaser is a versatile automatic lubricating system, capable of handling oils and greases up to NLGI class 2. Equipped with multiple outlets, this system supports up to four lubrication points, ensuring consistent and reliable lubrication across various components. Its compact design also makes it the ideal choice for seamless upgrades and retrofitting.



  • Supports multiple outlets for streamlined lubrication across various components.
  • Compact design allows for easy integration into existing setups.
  • Maintains consistent feed rates in all environmental conditions.
  • Visual inspection feature enables effortless monitoring and operational oversight.
  • Temperature Independence maintaining feed rates in all conditions.



In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial operations, the role of efficient and reliable lubrication solutions cannot be overstated. As we've explored the remarkable capabilities of our Autogreasers, it becomes evident that these cutting-edge technologies are not only redefining the standards of machinery maintenance but also revolutionising the way industries approach lubrication.


automatic lubrication systems

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