TYGRIS 360 Deg Swivelling Coupler - TGG517


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The TYGRIS 360 Deg Swivelling Coupler is to be installed directly onto the delivery hose, permitting secure handling and preventing damage to the hose. The coupler is constructed from heavy-duty steel with ball bearings for smooth operation and unrestricted movement through 360 degrees.




  • Swivels in a 360-degree circle and locks conveniently at any 45-degree position;
  • Hardened jaws for extended service life;
  • Hard coupler body and swivel joints withstand high-pressure applications without deformations;
  • The spring-loaded ball check valve helps retain grease pressure;
  • Suitable for up to 7,000 psi (483 bar)


Directions for use:


  • Wear Suitable Personal Protection Equipment.


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