High Speed/Temperature Greases

High Temperature/High Speed Grease


Here at TYGRIS, we understand that industrial settings require solutions that can take on demanding applications. No matter your sector, industry environments rely on machinery operating at high speeds. Ball bearing failures and breakdowns can lead to large issues and big blows to your budget. That's why our selection of premium quality oil and grease offers options for every application.

Applying the wrong lubricating grease to your tapered roller bearings leads to increased heat, drag and wear. This ultimately impacts bearing life, costing your business in the long run. Our range of high speed bearing grease and high temp grease ensures the optimum lubrication is used every time.

Unsure which of our options is best for your application? Our team of experts are on hand, with free technical audits and specialist advice. We also offer a wide range of applicators, including hand-operated grease guns.


High Speed Grease


When it comes to machine components operating at high speeds, not all lubricants perform quite the same. The TYGRIS High Speed Grease is a high-performance grease specially developed for anti-friction bearings operating at constant high speeds.

A brilliant option for applications in the textile spinning industry, this grease can even replace oil mist lubrication systems. Suited to high-speed singles on CNC machines and woodturning machinery, this grease provides a clean and economic way to lubricate equipment

Capable of handling extreme speeds, you can rely on this grease to stay in place and prolong lubrication intervals. The best grease for high-speed bearings, this lubricant is enhanced with corrosion inhibitors and anti-wear properties. With the option to apply either by hand or with a grease gun, you can apply with ease.


High Temperature Grease


The TYGRIS High Temp Grease is a premium quality lithium soap complex thickened grease, capable of operating under demanding temperature ranges. This lithium-based grease is developed for use in all plain and anti-friction bearing surfaces.

With high-temperature resistance and extended lubrication intervals, this synthetic oil can be used over long periods of time without leaving a dry residue. Able to provide top-notch lubrication at almost sub-zero and ambient temperatures, this grease is brilliantly versatile.

For extreme temperatures, TYGRIS Very High Temp Grease is the optimal option in industrial environments. A medium consistency grease that can be used in temperatures of up to 600°C, the synthetic liquid phase evaporates. This leaves a dispersion of graphite particles that reduce wear, without leaving abrasive carbon deposits. This grease is an ideal option for applications including oven and kilns, car bearings, furnace doors and drying tunnel mechanisms.


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