TYGRIS Dashboard Renovator (Cranberry) - R205


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Introducing TYGRIS Dashboard Renovator in Cranberry – your ultimate solution for revitalizing the interior of your vehicle with ease and efficiency. Say goodbye to dull and dusty dashboards, fascias, and interior panels. With TYGRIS Dashboard Renovator, you can achieve a pristine, showroom-worthy look effortlessly, and here's why it's the must-have product for your automotive care arsenal:

Exceptional Cleaning and Finish: Powered by a silicone-based formula, TYGRIS Dashboard Renovator not only cleans but also delivers a remarkable finish, leaving your vehicle's interior surfaces looking brand new.

No Hassle, No Buffing: Unlike other products on the market, TYGRIS Dashboard Renovator eliminates the need for time-consuming manual buffing. It's designed to make your life easier, so you can enjoy a spotless interior without the extra effort.

Restore Original Beauty: Witness your dashboard and trims regain their original splendor as TYGRIS Dashboard Renovator works its magic. It's like turning back the clock on wear and tear.

Lightning-Fast Action: TYGRIS Dashboard Renovator is a game-changer with its rapid action and near-instantaneous evaporation. You'll be amazed at how quickly it gets the job done.

Pleasant Fragrance: Experience the joy of a cranberry-scented clean as you freshen up your car's interior with a delightful fragrance.

Before you begin, we always recommend consulting the safety data sheet for proper usage instructions. Safety first! Ensure you wear suitable Personal Protection Equipment. To achieve the best shine, shake the can well and apply the product from a distance of 20 to 30cm. Allow it to dry for the ultimate glossy finish. If you prefer a reduced sheen, simply wipe with a soft cloth.

Please note that TYGRIS Dashboard Renovator should not be used on surfaces where a slip could be hazardous, such as steering wheels or foot pedals. Always dispose of used aerosols in accordance with local and national regulations.

Upgrade your automotive care routine with TYGRIS Dashboard Renovator in Cranberry – where excellence meets convenience. Make every drive a luxurious experience by ensuring your car's interior shines brighter than ever before!


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