Food Grade Aerosols

Part of the PROTEAN philosophy is making users lives easier. That’s why a wide selection of our food-grade products are available in a handy aerosol format. With a compact size and easy usage, these sprays are an essential part of the PROTEAN range. From anti-rust agents to sticky label remover, these cans make application simple.


Every good cook knows how important timing is to create great food, so why should food processing be any different? Our food-safe aerosols save you time and effort when you need it most, and with our ever so handy colour coding featured on all PROTEAN cans, you can make sure you always have the right stuff close to hand. 


When you need food safe grease to keep things running smoothly, why not use our handy spray formulated PROTEAN White Grease? Or if you’ve been looking for a food safe oil that gets the job done right, then our PROTEAN Penetrating Oil is just what you’re after to ease seized components. From food grade cleaners to food safe mould release lubricants, our aerosols make food processing a piece of cake.



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