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PROTEAN Seize Release+ is an NSF: H1 registered, spray-formulated, fast acting penetrating and dismantling lubricant, suitable for use within Food & Beverage, Packaging, Pharmaceutical and other cleanroom environments. Engineered to 'shock' components through rapid freezing, PROTEAN Seize Release+ quickly penetrates seized and rusted parts, enabling optimum 'release' and easy dismantling.



  • Fast acting Freeze & Release action for easy dismantling of seized, corroded and rusted parts;
  • Enables rapid and efficient wicking of the lubricant for deep penetration;
  • Released parts remain lubricated and protected from corrosion;
  • Suitable for use on all metals and most common plastics and rubbers;
  • 360° value for inverted use


Consult the safety data sheet prior to use - suitable Personal Protection Equipment should be worn. Store out of direct sunlight and below +50°C (ideally between +10°C and +25°C. Shake aerosol can well before use. Spray components in short blasts. Components will be extremely cold once treated. DO NOT TOUCH COMPONENTS WITH BARE SKIN once they have been sprayed. Dispose of used aerosols in line with local and national regulations.


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