Food Safe Oils

Here at TYGRIS, we take quite a bit of pride in delivering superior quality oils that are designed to fulfil a wide range of uses. We make sure that with every industrial solution we create, a problem gets solved. That’s why we spent more than a year carefully created PROTEAN, our NSF approved selection of industrial solutions for the food and beverage processing sector.


Our PROTEAN range of food grade oils has a wide variety suitable for many different uses, allowing your processing to run perfectly! For bearings, slides and seals that are often in contact with food our food safe lubricant 3H1 Oil gives an effective anti-rust agent and stops food from adhering to surfaces. Our specialised oils include high-temperature Oven Chain Lube and Airline Oil for pneumatic systems.


With such a wide product range, we’ll ensure that you enjoy fantastic reliability with every application. That’s why our TYGRIS 4 Life Guarantee promises unbeatable quality.


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