Here at TYGRIS, we believe in delivering innovative solutions to common industry challenges. We take pride in developing our products to fulfil the needs of various sectors, using our years of experience and end-user engagement to create the best possible products. 

Our brands cater to every need from food-safe industrial aerosols to powerful cleaning sprays. INGENIUS is no exception and certainly lives up to its name. These high-performance greases provide ultra-modern answers to old problems, with a contemporary approach that sets them apart. 

Our premium range of grease and maintenance sprays, INGENIUS gives fantastic results with every use. Offering unbeatable quality, this spray and EP grease is full of benefits and suited to a wide range of industrial applications. Despite the top-tier performance, you won’t have to worry about top-shelf prices. INGENIUS gives excellent results at an affordable cost.

Looking for a maintenance spray that can do it all? This aerosol is an extremely versatile PTFE spray capable of taking on almost any application. Enhanced with advanced corrosion inhibitors that offer enduring lubrication, this silicone-free spray stands the test of time. With cleaning, lubricating and protective properties, you can count on an easy all in one solution.

Developed for general use, the INGENIUS Lithium EP2 Grease is enhanced with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives, so you can rely on this grease no matter the conditions. This grease is highly resistant to water washout, corrosion and oxidation, and performs especially well on anti-friction bearings that are subjected to a high load. 

This grease can also handle extreme temperatures, with an operating range of 10° to 130°. This provides plenty of room to work in, all you need is a 400 gm cartridge grease gun for an easy application process. We offer a selection of sizes to suit every individual application. From 400g cartridge sizes to bulk 12.5kg and 50kg options.

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