We specialise in creating carefully developed industrial solutions that transform industries one application at a time. Our team of experts spent over a year working on one of our most innovative ranges. We worked with intense focus, extensive research and significant end-user engagement, all to create the brilliant PROTEAN range.

This collection has been curated to give those in the food and beverage processing industry a comprehensive range of NSF and H1 registered products. No matter the task at hand, PROTEAN has a food-safe industrial solution that can get the job done right.

With these products, we’ve developed solutions that target specific problems in the food and drink industry. PROTEAN offers everything from food-safe grease to industrial stainless steel cleaner, so you can always enjoy the best performance.


Maintaining expensive machinery is vital, as neglecting lubricating needs can lead to high costs down the line. Ensuring that the needs of your food processing equipment can help improve costs and safety in one go, making assembly grease and dry film lubricant vital.

Our selection of food-grade grease has been designed for use around consumable products, whether on the assembly line or in cases of incidental contact. With a wide variety of products on offer, PROTEAN makes sure that there is always a solution that works.

PROTEAN Food Safe Penetrating Oil is developed to free seized components with ease. Available in a handy spray formulation, this aerosol directly penetrates metal components and is specifically formulated to withstand high-temperature applications.

If you require heavy-duty grease, then PROTEAN Silicone Paste is an option that provides superior performance. Often used as a high-viscosity grease in an expansive range of applications, silicone grease is formulated to withstand water washout.

Whether you're using a grease gun or one of our aerosols, applying these food same greases is always simple. Effective Lubricating is not the only benefit offered by PROTEAN. We also developed a selection of cleaning products, all of which can be used around food.

Finding an electrical contact cleaner is already taxing, particularly in food processing environments. PROTEAN Electrical Cleaner

can be used to degrease electrical components. Or, easily clear pesky label residue with PROTEAN Label Remover. Sugar molecules are notorious for adhering to surfaces and creating a stick film. Our sugar dissolving fluid helps to remove stubborn deposits from equipment and surfaces.

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