PB Advanced Lithium 


Similar to white lithium grease, advanced lithium lubricating greases are designed for heavy-duty machinery like excavators and cranes. This grease excels under pressure, shock loading, and wet conditions. Its high level of lubricating solids keeps components separated, reducing wear and extending component life.


Alongside this, its water resistance and adhesive properties provide a strong protective layer against corrosion and washout, ensuring smooth operation even in demanding environments.


Advanced Lithium Grease

Calcium Sulphonate 


TYGRIS Calcium Sulphonate Grease tackles high loads with its impressive load capacity. This high-performance grease extends relubrication intervals, saving on maintenance costs.


It is also highly resistant to water and corrosion, protecting components from wear in tough environments. This makes it suitable for various bearings and sliding surfaces under heavy pressure.

Calcium Grease
high temperature grease

High Temp 2 Grease 


TYGRIS High Temp 2 Grease handles high heat without breaking a sweat! This versatile grease tackles hot environments with extended lubrication intervals, reducing maintenance needs.


It also keeps components clean by preventing carbon deposits at high temperatures.  Special additives further protect machinery from wear and corrosion, even in humid conditions. This makes it a great choice for long-lasting lubrication in hot environments.


synthetic high temperature grease

Very High Temperature 2 Grease


When the heat is on, and other greases give up…TYGRIS Very High Temperature 2 Grease is the solution for you! This industrial-grade option tackles extreme heat up to 600°C, perfect for ovens, kilns, and furnace machinery.


The synthetic base cleverly burns off cleanly, leaving a protective graphite film to keep parts moving smoothly without abrasive ash deposits. This non-hazardous grease extends component life in the hottest environments.

Moly Lithium 2 


Built for tough environments, TYGRIS Moly Lithium 2 Grease handles high loads, shock impacts, wet conditions, and even temperature swings. This special lithium complex grease is fortified with molybdenum disulphide for a strong lubricating film.


It extends relubrication intervals thanks to its mechanical stability and protects components from corrosion and wear, even in challenging situations. This makes it a great choice for plain and anti-friction bearings that need to endure a lot.


moly lithium grease

Ultima 2


This food-grade grease tackles a wide range of challenges. Ultima 2 excels in wet, high-load, and hot environments, making it perfect for bearings, chains, and gears.


Fortified with PTFE and anti-wear additives, it provides long-lasting lubrication, reduces friction, and protects against corrosion. This versatile grease is a must-have for any food and beverage, pharmaceutical, or cleanroom operation looking to streamline their lubricants.




food grade grease
water resistant grease

Aquaload SVR


This premium formula tackles high shock, vibration, and heavy loads, making it ideal for machinery that battles the elements. Its tenacious film shrugs off water washout and corrosion, keeping components running smoothly in humid conditions from -20°C to +140°C. This exceptional grease boasts superior mechanical and oxidation stability, maximising performance and extending equipment life.

water resistant grease

Submersive Extreme


Need a grease that shrugs off water and heavy loads? PROTEAN Submersive Extreme is your answer. This NSF H1 registered grease excels in harsh environments,  outperforming other water-resistant options.


Its impressive features include exceptional resistance to water and corrosion, high load capacity, and extended lubrication intervals even in infrequent maintenance situations.  This versatile grease protects low to medium-speed bearings in wet conditions, from sub-zero temperatures to a toasty 165°C.


Lithium EP2


A bestseller for a reason, TYGRIS Lithium EP2 Grease is your workhorse multi-purpose powerhouse. This quality lithium-based grease tackles high loads and protects against wear, making it a popular choice across industries and in the automotive sector.


It excels at both extreme pressure and anti-wear performance while also offering a high degree of corrosion protection for your bearings. This versatile grease is a reliable choice for a wide range of applications.


ep2 grease


Red Lithium Complex Grease


Don't settle for frequent relubrication. TYGRIS Red Lithium Complex Grease extends intervals with its exceptional mechanical stability. This multi-purpose grease thrives in industrial and automotive applications, tackling a wide range of temperatures with excellent oxidation stability.


It also packs a punch with extreme pressure and anti-wear performance, while effectively fending off corrosion in wet conditions.  This red grease is a reliable option for keeping your bearings running smoothly.


lithium grease


 Choosing the right grease for your operations can be confusing, but we've made it easy. 

Refine your search by industry, temperature, load and vibration strength today… 

Interested? Visit our website and use our Grease Finder to learn about our other top greases and find the right solution for you! 



A Step-By-Step Guide To Find The Industrial Grease You Need

Posted by Emily Garrioch | BSPOQ on 2nd Apr 2024

A Step-By-Step Guide To Find The Industrial Grease You Need

Choosing the right grease can feel overwhelming. This guide categorises TYGRIS greases by key applications: High Load, High Temperature, Wet Conditions, High Vibration/Shock, and All-Rounders

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