In the fast-paced world of workplace operations, even the most controlled environments can encounter unexpected spills.

From everyday liquids like water to potentially hazardous chemicals, swift and effective containment is crucial. This is where spill control solutions step in, acting as your first line of defence against accidents and spills.

Spill Kits: Your First Line of Defence

Investing in TYGRIS spill kits is an investment in peace of mind. Our kits provide you with a comprehensive range of absorbent materials designed to tackle any spill with speed and efficiency. Whether it's oil, chemicals, or water-based, we have a kit tailored to your specific needs.

What's Inside the Spill Kit?

Absorbent Mats:

Ideal for larger spills, these heavy-duty mats soak up liquids quickly, preventing them from spreading further. Lightweight and easy to deploy, they leave no residue for hassle-free clean-up.

Absorbent Rolls:

For larger leaks or spills requiring continuous absorption, our extended coverage rolls offer the perfect solution. Their extended length allows for rapid containment and easy deployment.

Absorbent Pillows:

Compact and highly absorbent, these squares tackle smaller spills in confined areas or around machinery. Their convenient size makes them ideal for quick and targeted clean-up.

Absorbent Socks:

These versatile, snake-like absorbents are crucial for controlling spills along edges and corners. Their flexibility allows them to navigate around obstacles and contain spills in tight spaces.

Oil Spills:

Flammable and harmful, oil spills require fast containment and specific absorbents. TYGRIS oil-only products, like mats and granules, quickly soak up oil without absorbing water, minimising environmental damage. To ensure the safety of your workplace and staff, consider our range of Oil Spill Kits, equipped with oil-specific mats, rolls and absorbents, as well as disposal bags for efficient cleanup.

Chemical Spills:

Hazardous and often reactive, chemical spills require specialised neutralising agents and chemical-resistant absorbents. The TYGRIS On-The-Go Chemical Spill Kit has everything you need. With a capacity of 50 litres, this surprisingly compact kit is stored in a zip-close vinyl bag with a strap that makes moving to spill sites easy. It contains absorbent mats, absorbent socks and disposal bags, making this durable kit bag ideal for any small to medium-sized spills.

Water-Based Spills:

While most water-based spills are non-hazardous, water spills can still cause damage and downtime if not controlled. At TYGRIS, we offer a general Maintenance Spill Kit, providing quick and efficient solutions for water-based spills with super-absorbent materials, disposal bags, and gloves. Its handy on-the-go size and portable sealed bag make this product a great option for small spills that often occur in many workplaces.

Liquid Handling Storage Solutions:

Safely store and collect liquids with our convenient storage solutions, including our range of easy-to-identify wheeled bins.

Drip Trays:

Protect machinery and equipment from leaks and spills with our durable and stackable drip trays. A great option for small spills and temporary leaks, these trays are both easy to clean and easy to use.

Safety Signs & Barrier Tape:

Keep your team safe by sectioning off spills and hazardous areas with our ‘CAUTION’ signs and barrier tape.

Preparedness for Anything:

With a wide range of spill kits and products, we have you covered for every scenario.

Proactive Protection:

Investing in TYGRIS spill control solutions minimises downtime and protects your business from costly repercussions.

Peace of Mind:

Knowing you have the right tools and knowledge to handle spills gives you the confidence to focus on what matters most.


Don't wait until a spill disrupts your business.


Be proactive and make TYGRIS your partner in spill control.


Explore our extensive range of Spill Solution Products and find the best way to stop your spills today.


The Ultimate Guide To Spill Kits

Posted by Emily Garrioch | BSPOQ on 14th Feb 2024

The Ultimate Guide To Spill Kits

In this blog, we take a deep dive into all things Spill Kits for your workplace. Whether you're looking for Spill Control Solutions for oil, chemical or water based spills, we've got you covered.

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