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This Is How We Make Spill Control Effective And Economic


  • Suitable For Most Kinds Of Workplace Spillages
  • Cost-Effective Spillage Control Solution
  • Highly Absorbent 
  • Absorbency 5L Per Bag


When it comes to quickly and effectively clearing up spills, these absorbent granules offer a cost-effective solution that makes clearing up large amount of liquid far easier. Every industrial setting should have spill control procedures in place, and these granules are a must-have addition to your plan. 


Made from a multi-purpose economical clay, these granules are ideal for most workplace spills, aside from strong acids. Designed for non-aggressive liquids, they can absorb oil, water and more.


These industrial absorbent granules are chemically inert, which means they have no reaction to spilt liquids. They are also naturally flame retardant, so site safety is easier than ever! The naturally high absorbency of the clay granules also add to their affordability, and you can count on getting the most out of each use. 


Large spills can lead to even bigger issues, slowing down your production and putting your equipment at risk. These granules speed up the cleaning process and are an important part of your spill control system along with drain protection and spill kits.


While these granules are an economical option, these granules offer brilliant results. They’re free-flowing, meaning they’re really easy to spread for easy clean-up. They also leave surfaces totally dry and grease-free, so you can safely get to the most important parts of cleaning. Made with Spanish clay, these granules are the ultimate choice for a fantastically cost-effective cleanup.  


Consult the safety data sheet prior to use - suitable Personal Protection Equipment should be worn. Spread on spill affected area, then leave to absorb the spillage. Sweep the floor clean and repeat the process if necessary to ensure a safe, dry and slip free surface, then dispose of the contaminated absorbent as waste, in accordance with local regulations, bearing in mind the product absorbed.


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