Drain Protection

Stop Disaster In Its Tracks: With Fantastic Drain Protection From TYGRIS!

When you’re in an industrial environment, spills can happen at any time. While spill kits, absorbent mats and oil absorbent granules can help contain the damage to one area, there is one way potentially harmful fluids can travel. If your drains aren’t covered during the event of a spill, your small problem can turn into a massive issue really quickly. Here at TYGRIS, we know how important safety is. That’s why we offer a wide range of drain control products that help to minimise damage.

Blocking your drains means that oil and chemicals won’t be able to get into the drainage system, leading to massive harm to the environment, even miles away. Sealing them off right away and using other spill control solutions keeps all the damage contained in one area! We offer a selection of drain control options. The TYGRIS Neoprene Drain Seal is a heavy-duty and reusable mat, that can be cut to size to fit any kind (or size) of drain. Super versatile and fast to deploy, this tough mat is the perfect cost-effective solution. 

If you’re after a one-stop option that easily stops spills from spreading, then our TYGRIS Drain Protection Kit is just what you need. This kit contains a durable neoprene mat that fits most drains as well as diking granules. Dyking granules form a solid barrier to fluids and can even cover awkwardly shaped grates.

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