How Our Industrial Solutions Keep Huntapac Running

Posted by Emily Lawrence on 25th Nov 2022

How Our Industrial Solutions Keep Huntapac Running

PROTEAN In Action - Our Visit To Huntapac

Here at TYGRIS, we take our role as a leading supplier of industrial solutions pretty seriously. With our innovative products developed for a wide variety of sectors, we always strive to deliver brilliant results. We have more than 50 years in the business, and one of the things we're proudest of is our dedication to building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Part of our top-notch service includes our free on-site audits, which we touched on in  another one of our blogs! One of our team members will take an in-depth look at your processes, identifying issues and coming up with answers to problems within your operation. Paying visits to businesses and ensuring they get high-quality results from our products is one of the things we do best.

Recently we took a tour around Huntapac's facilities and got to see our products in action. Huntapac is a fourth-generation family business and has been around since 1942. Based in Lancashire, they're one of the leading growers and producers of root vegetables in the UK.

As suppliers to some of the leading supermarkets in the country, they need high-performance, food-safe industrial solutions. We've had the pleasure of working with them for the past two years and in this blog, we're taking you behind the scenes and showing how TYGRIS products keep large scale operations running smoothly.

Our Food Grade Range In Action

As we said, Huntapac is one of the largest distributors of root vegetables in Britain. With such a large scale operation food contact is often inevitable, making it difficult to find safe solutions. This problem is exactly why we developed our  PROTEAN range of food-safe grease, cleaners and more.

Specially designed to offer fantastic lubricating performance and known for extending the life of components, we have a wide array of products on offer. Two of the PROTEAN solutions Huntapac uses in their day to day operations (which are 24/7 365!) are the  F408 Chain Spray and Ultima 2.

Protean F408 Chain Spray

This  chain lube offers a highly tenacious lubricant, designed to keep chain systems and belts running smoothly. The perfect chain lubricant for food conveyor systems where the presence of water is inevitable. Capable of withstanding frequent washdowns, this aerosol can handle fast-moving and high-temperature environments.

While other chain lube sprays posed a range of issues, switching to  F408 has ensured the team at Huntapac faces far fewer issues with their chain drive systems.

Ultima 2

An H1 registered multi-purpose grease enhanced with PTFE, Ultima 2 performs brilliantly under high loads and temperatures. This water-resistant grease is perfect for chains, gears and bearings and is a true all-rounder for streamlining operations and reducing downtime.

How Huntapac Benefits From TYGRIS

While at Huntapac, we were able to have a catch-up with their team and ask how switching to TYGRIS products has helped their operation. We've been working with them for two years through one of our brilliant distributors Essential Industrial Services, and so far, they've seen great results since changing over.

"It's been really positive for us, the products work well in our environment" - Tom, Huntapac Engineering Manager

One of the biggest challenges faced by the team at Huntapac was finding a lubricant that was right for their process. However, after they started working with us, they were able to find products that work well under varied conditions including wet and  high-temperature environments.

"Since we've had TYGRIS, we've come on leaps and bounds in our downtime" -Tom, Huntapac Engineering Manager

Aside from a wide collection of versatile products, Tom also noted that they saw less downtime in their factories as well as increased longevity for their bearings. Even with the best products, we believe there's always room to improve. One example of our development is with the F408 chain spray, which when first introduced to the team at Huntapac, had a few application issues with equipment.

We're all about fixing problems with innovative answers and tailoring our products to fit the needs of the industry. So, we put our heads together and were able to come up with several solutions and tested all of them to find the right fit for Huntapac.

While applying our products from dry lube sprays to food-safe grease is simple, our ordering process is just as effortless. Tom also mentioned that ordering through our distributor Essential Industrial Services was an easy (and quick!) process. In fact, he noted that orders were often fulfilled on the very same day.

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